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Compactor Service

Roll Off Service

Why Compaction?

Compaction is the most efficient and cost effective manner to handle unmanageable volumes of waste materials. Compactors reduce waste to a fraction of its original size. Refuse is deposited into the compactor charging chamber where a hydraulically operated compacting ram crushes the material into a closed receiving container.

Side-lode Security Chute

Typical side-load secutity chute includes inside security door.

Walk-On Dock

Walk-On Dock installations are available with fully-enclosed safety gate and gate lock interlock mechanisms.

Fully Enclosed Free Standing

Fully Enclosed Free Standing installations are avaialable with lockable door and keyed remote operator mechanisms.

Open Ground Loading

Open Ground Loading installations are ideal for throw-ins, truck clean-out, or fork-lift use.

30 & 35 Yard Self Contained Unit
30 & 35 Yard Self Contained Compactors which are ideal for the removal of parital liquid wastes.